October 19, 2011 1 min to read

Americas Journalism Training

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Americas Journalism Training was created in 2005 by a graduate fellow at the Missouri School of Journalism with the goal of providing one-on-one attention to student journalists who want to gain valuable professional experience abroad. The AJT program was developed based on the experience of foreign correspondents at top news agencies in Latin America, journalism professors and reporters as well as study abroad and hospitality experts in Argentina.

From 2006 to 2008, AJT welcomed professors and groups of students from the Missouri School of Journalism to participate in the AJT Summer Program. Missouri professors co-taught a course with the AJT international journalism professor, and students partook in all elements of the AJT program.

While always open to non-Missouri students, in 2009 AJT began targeting journalism students, university study abroad and internship offices in an effort created to generate wide interest across the United States. AJT has received students from top U.S. universities including UCLA, NYU and the University of Florida among others. AJT has also received students from Europe and Australia.

AJT is currently striving to put multimedia and social media journalism tools into the hands of our student-journalists in Argentina. By using digital journalism elements like blogs and social networking at AJT, students will have real-world experience using the tools found at cutting-edge newsrooms across the globe.